Prayer Chain Requests: Please e-mail your prayer requests to or call Barb Huiskamp (613-393-1585).
Our Church Family: Congratulations to Diny Sikma as she celebrates her 89th birthday on Wednesday, and to Stanley Gaebel as he celebrates his 83rd birthday on Saturday. Rodger Cook will be having surgery to remove a tumor from his lung on Thursday. Condolences to Dan & Luiza Mullen on the passing of Luiza’s mother this past Sunday.

Green Section “Meet and Greet”: Please note that if you sit in the GREEN section, your “Meet and Greet” is TODAY. Please come join with your Section Leaders, Darrel & Nora Brown, to enjoy a time of refreshments and connection ….from noon till 1pm in the Youth Hall.

Red Section “Meet and Greet”: Please note that if you sit in the RED section, your “Meet and Greet” is Sunday, April 30. Please come join with your Section Leaders, John & Sandra Vanberkel, to enjoy a time of refreshments and connection…from noon till 1pm in the Youth Hall.

Congregational Prayer Meeting is planned for Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30pm in the chapel. We will pray for congregational needs and ministries.

Council Nominations: Council presents the following names for elder and deacon. For elder (two to be elected): Joe Bouma, Frank Brink, Dirk Hogewoning and Arend Wiarda. Deacon (one to be elected): Gerald Allison and Sharon DeVries. Unless there are valid objections, the names will be presented for a vote for Sunday, May 7 during the morning service. See the bulletin insert for more details.

Spring Congregational Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30pm in the Chapel to present 2016 financial statements. Information packages will be in mailboxes or at the Information Centre next week.

Thank You to all the worship and tech teams who gave sacrificially of their time and talents towards the Easter services. A heartfelt thank you to the individuals who performed monologues over the Easter season. On Palm Sunday-Mayanna Deryaw, Good Friday-Wanda Thompson, Easter Sunday-Shelley Schamehorn, Kyle Visser, Nathan Visser, and Aidan VanRoon as director.

Thank You! That I am here with you today can only be seen as a miracle of God. I have visited many churches, but nowhere and never have I experienced so much heart-felt love and kindness as with you! I am filled with joy and thankfulness. May God bless you richly. Lore Sengupta.

Community Gardens: It is that time of year to start planting your vegetable gardens. If you had a garden plot in the past and would like one again, you must give your name to Gilbert Huizinga (613-966-2739) or Andre Koopmans (613-967-6412) by May 1. If you are interested in having a plot for the first time, please talk to them as well. The price this year for each plot is $15.

Calling All Bikers: Jim Wannamaker and Wendon Wattam are beginning to ride at least once a month AFTER church. If you are interested in joining the ACMC ( After Church Motorcycle Club) contact us by phone or email Jim – 613-921-5256 or Wendon – 613-403-1532

Maranatha Birthday and Event Calendars for next month are in mailboxes and the Information Centre. If you would like your birthday included on the calendar, please contact the church office.

Training Seminar: Are you looking for further equipping on how to be a better witness for Christ in your work setting and in the community? A seminar called Saline Process provides some very useful tools to assist you in a non-offensive, non-threatening but effective way. Contact Mary Kaldeway at 613-962-8220 or email mary.kaldeway@gmail,com to register. Join us on Friday, April 28 from 7-9pm and Saturday, April 29 from 9am-4pm. Please bring your own bag lunch on Saturday. Coffee, tea and water will be provided.