Our Church Family: Congratulations to Bev Nethercott as she celebrates her 86th birthday on Thursday. Congratulations also to George & Connie Luyt as they celebrate their 59th Anniversary on Tuesday.

This Morning we welcome Pioneer Club.

Red Section “Meet and Greet” Today: Please note that if you sit in the RED section, your “Meet and Greet” is TODAY. Please come join with your Section Leaders, John & Sandra Vanberkel, to enjoy a time of refreshments and connection ….from noon till 1pm in the Youth Hall.

Light Blue Section “Meet and Greet” Next Week: Please note that if you sit in the Light Blue section, your “Meet and Greet” is Sunday, May 7. Please come join with your Section Leaders, Joe & Niesje Bouma, to enjoy a time of refreshments and connection…from noon till 1pm in the Youth Hall.

Council Nominations: Council presents the following names for elder and deacon. For elder (two to be elected): Joe Bouma, Frank Brink, Dirk Hogewoning and Arend Wiarda. Deacon (one to be elected): Gerald Allison and Sharon DeVries. Unless there are valid objections, the names will be presented for a vote for Sunday, May 7 during the morning service. See the bulletin insert for more details.

Spring Congregational Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30pm in the Chapel to present 2016 financial statements. Information packages are in mailboxes or at the Information Desk for those who don’t have a mailbox.

Fundraiser: We will be raising money for the Africa Famine, for the people that don’t have food and are going to starve if they don’t get food. The money will be donated to World Renew. We have a goal to raise $1100 by the end of May. If you would like to support us we will have apple crisps and chocolate bars available for those who can donate. See you there! Elijah and Ben MacDonald.

The Banner, our denomination’s publication, can be picked up at the Information Desk.

Maranatha Blooms: If you are interested in being a part of the gardening team and working with someone else or on your own looking after a section of garden then connect with Ann Vandenberg at 613-477-3197. Please see the insert in the bulletin for further information.

Maranatha Seniors: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, May 11 at 1:30pm. We will have a special guest. More details will be in the bulletin next week. Plan on being there!

Community Gardens: It is that time of year to start planting your vegetable gardens. If you had a garden plot in the past and would like one again, you must give your name to Gilbert Huizinga (613-966-2739) or Andre Koopmans (613-967-6412) by May 1. If you are interested in having a plot for the first time, please talk to them as well. The price this year for each plot is $15.

Calling All Bikers: Jim Wannamaker and Wendon Wattam are beginning to ride at least once a month AFTER church. If you are interested in joining the ACMC ( After Church Motorcycle Club) contact us by phone or email Jim – 613-921-5256 jkwannamaker@xplornet.com or Wendon – 613-403-1532 wendon@anythingelectric.ca

Ball Hockey at Maranatha! Saturday mornings from 8am-9am, starting May 6. Bring your stick and come for some good ‘ol fashion fun. Men and women, boys and girls are welcome. We’ll be mixing up the teams to ensure a good time is had by all. Look forward to seeing you there. For more information please talk to Jesse Macdonald.