Who We Are

The Maranatha Congregation is a Bible-believing community of approximately 850 members located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

We are a part of the Christian Reformed Denomination (CRC).

Established in 1953, our congregation was originally comprised of post-World War II immigrants from the Netherlands. Since that time, we have grown to include people from many different walks of life and have undergone significant spiritual renewal. Just recently, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, and had opportunity not only to reflect on the blessings of the past, but also to consider the opportunities of the future.

We believe that God’s call on Maranatha is to be a community that is passionately devoted to the Lord, and to one another, and reflects that devotion in every walk of life. Out of those relationships, we are seeing people getting saved, breaking out of patterns of shame and into true identity, discovering who they are, recovering lost dreams and daring to live life to the full.

We are located at 100 College Street West in Belleville, Ontario. Connect with us for more information.