Our Vision

To be a biblically-functioning community through which God’s redemptive purposes for the world can be realized.

Our Mission

Reaching … the Lost
Restoring … the Broken
Equipping … the Saints
Releasing … the Workers

A Place to Belong

We believe that Maranatha is called to be “A Place to Belong.” We see God at work in people’s lives and in the church community to deal with the deep things that keep us from being able to belong to God and to each other in healthy community.

Having come to the cross of Jesus and surrendered ourselves, everyone has a place in His family. Every man and woman, girl and boy, has an inheritance that belongs to them and to them alone.

Our mission as a church is to Reach the Lost, to Restore the Broken, to Equip the Saints and to Release the Workers.

Our goal is to help people to find Jesus and then to come into wholeness, to find their purpose and destiny in Christ and to make their contribution to His Kingdom.