Blessings & Curses— The Key to Lasting Change

John Visser

Both blessings and curses are biblical realities! While we prefer to dwell on blessings, honesty compels us to admit that curses are every bit as much a part of biblical reality. Accordingly, this book aims to answer three questions:

  • What are blessings and curses? What do they look like, and where do they come from?
  • How are they passed on from one generation to the next?
  • What are the provisions God has made in Christ to break the power of the curse and replace it with the blessing?

Filled with numerous true stories of redemption and hope, Blessings & Curses: The Key to Lasting Change illustrates how Jesus delivers us from the power of the curse and restores us to the promised blessings of God.

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Blessing the Past • Releasing the Future

Celebrating Maranatha’s Jubilee 1953-2003

Celebrated every 50 years, the Old Testament Year of Jubilee was a time of rejoicing as captives were set free and people were restored to their inheritance. In the New Testament, Jesus launched His ministry with the declaration that He was annointed to usher in the Year of Jubilee.

This is the story of Marantha’s Jubilee as the church celebrates 50 years together. Blessing the Past•Releasing the Future is a celebration of God’s power and grace in our midst.

  • There are stories and photographs from the Builder Generation—the post-war Dutch immigrants who started our church.
  • There are numerous stories of people being save, restored, equipped and released into ministry.
  • Real-life examples of how true community can exist in Christ.

This book shares not only the history of Maranatha, but the hope and model of a community truly coming to life in Christ.

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Olive Shoots Around Your Table—
Breaking the Cycle of Family Dysfunction

John Visser

  • Help! My kids are out of control!
  • I’ve said I’d never be like my mother, but I’m becoming just like her.
  • I was abused as a child—now I’m afraid of hurting my own kids.
  • My kids hang out with the wrong crowd. What can I do about it?

Sound familiar? Parenting can be a challenging task at best. It’s a lot more difficult when we carry with us a lot of unresolved pain from the past.

Olive Shoots Around Your Table is a comprehensive examination of the factors that contribute to family dysfunction and how, with God’s help, we can break free from them – first in our own lives, and then in the lives of our children.

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To Have & To Hold

John Visser

  • Why do some marriages flourish, while so many others fail?
  • Why do so many couples have difficulty establishing true intimacy?
  • What is appropriate sexual behaviour inside and outside of marriage?
  • How can I help my children to successfully resist temptation in a sex-crazed culture?

These and many other questions are discussed by veteran pastor and counsellor John Visser in this book. Beginning with the creation story of Adam and Eve, the author looks at God’s original plan for marriage, how sin has affected it, and how God in Christ seeks to reconcile us to Himself and to each other.

To Have & To Hold also addresses such difficult issues as divorce and remarriage, living the single life, human sexuality and more.

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Setting the Captives Free

John Visser

Setting the Captives Free is a great study tool to help God’s people gain biblical and practical expertise in being effective agents of God’s love in the world. Truly, the fields are white for harvest, but the labourers are few. This book should encourage and equip believers to take seriously the biblical mandate to set the captives free. Includes study guide and Spiritual Gifts test.

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