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December 25, 2022

The Mystery and Madness of Christmas


Christmas is both mystery and madness.

On the one hand, Christmas invites us to reflect on one of the most profound mysteries revealed in Scripture: God became man. The Almighty--the eternal creator of the universe, the sovereign ruler of history, the giver and the sustainer of our every breath—took on our human flesh.

As a baby, the Lord of All was held and soothed and rocked to sleep. He fed at his mother’s breast. He became vulnerable or, as Timothy Keller shockingly puts it, killable. He became one of us, because only as one of us could He rescue us. This, truly, is a mystery.

But Christmas, as you know, is also madness. It is nonstop ads and gift- shopping and office parties and family gatherings. It is rushing to do this and that. It is eating too many rich foods and sweet treats. The season is so full of distractions, many get lost in its madness and miss its mystery altogether.

Your life may be an exception to this common pattern. Perhaps the profound mystery of Christmas is alive in your heart. If so, you are blessed. But if, like many, you have been engulfed by the madness of the season, I encourage you to take an hour to yourself. Be silent. Breathe. Reflect. Let the magnitude of the mystery sink in.

May the peace of Christ fill your heart this Christmas.

- Pastor Tom

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