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God Moving At Maranatha


December 4, 2022


We know that God is at work all around us. However, we only ever get to see a tiny fraction of what He is doing at any given time. At our ministry leaders’ meeting held this past week, I felt like the veil was lifted just a little bit as our 19 ministry leaders shared what God has been up to in their Ministry areas. Here are just a few highlights from the meeting:

· 40 people meet weekly to invest in their marriages in connection with the Marriage Ministry. Couples seem hungry to grow in their relationships. The program was not highly promoted, because it was intended only to be a pilot project; yet it still managed to attract a large group of people. Obviously, the ministry is touching a need.

· One man attending our Conquerors Series (part of our Men’s Ministry) was delivered from a variety of addictions and receives support from his group to live out his freedom.

· Both our Junior Teen Ministry and our Young Adults Ministry report startling growth. Fifty junior teens meet regularly, and twice as many young adults are coming out this year as compared with last. Since we pray regularly that God would touch the lives of our younger generations, this hunger to grow is an answer to prayer.

· Our GriefShare leaders described the comfort and healing that comes to participants in the program. One person who attended the course several times now leads the sessions herself. Some people have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus through this ministry and others have had their faith restored.

· We heard about people who visited our website and decided to attend Maranatha in person because they found our online presence contemporary and inviting.

· We have witnessed new people coming to church. It was noted that several young couples decided to call Maranatha their home church this year, and after our recent Explore Maranatha Course, we anticipate adding seven new members to the church.

While all this news is exciting to me, what moves me most is the hearts of those who gathered around the table that evening. Our leaders are eager to serve Jesus Christ and His church!

- Pastor Tom

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