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God Moving At Maranatha


February 27, 2022

Join the Journey

Following Jesus is a journey. It starts when we believe in Him as Lord and Saviour. It continues as we walk the narrow way of faith and obedience. It will culminate when we see Him face to face, and then are ushered into a new heaven and earth. As we walk this Godward path, the Lord tells us to be fruitful, share His Good News, and advance His Kingdom.

Our church has adopted a document that describes the part we believe God wants us to play in this adventure. We are officially launching it this Sunday. It is called:  Join the Journey. 

It is a big dream, but the truth is God’s dreams for us are always bigger than we can imagine. What He is willing to do in and through us is always greater than our expectations. So, we do not presume to present Join the Journey as an exhaustive statement of God’s plans for us. It is a mere glimpse into the future. We have pointed our flashlight just ahead of us on the road and written out our discernment of where we believe God is taking us.

This is how we follow God on the way. We walk in the light we have until He gives us more light. Our calling is to be obedient to what He has shown us. It is to those who are faithful in a few things that God entrusts many things. I believe that God plans to do far more than we could ever dream.

The amazing thing about God is that He typically does His supernatural works through people like you and me.  That is why the title of our vision document is an invitation:  Join the Journey.  God is asking us to join Him in what He is doing—to partner with Him to accomplish something beautiful and awe-inspiring together.

Will you travel this road?  It will require that you pray, give, and serve.  Prayer is the beginning and the continuation of renewal—the practice apart from which no renewal happens.  Giving is a fundamental requirement for honouring God with our resources and for sustaining the ministries that are an essential to God’s work.  Serving is following the Holy Spirit with risk-taking faith and seeing God accomplish eternally significant things through your giftedness.

I look forward to taking this Journey with you!  –Pastor Tom  


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