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February 6, 2022

Maranatha’s New Online Look

Have you checked out our website recently?  Over the past four months, Dave Botting has been working closely with a web design company called OSM to give us a brand-new look.

If you visit our site today, here are some things you will find:

  • The site has a pleasing, contemporary appearance. The graphics are crisp and colourful pictures are plentiful.  It is lively and suggests a community that is exciting to be a part of—which, of course, we are!
  • Our new logo is featured on the site, and our old vision materials have been replaced by our new ones.  People interested in attending Maranatha, and those seeking employment at Maranatha, will quickly learn that we are a church that has a clear and compelling vision of the future.
  • All of the information is up to date.  Over the last years some areas of the site had become outdated.  They referenced things that were no longer happening at the church.  Now everything on our site is relevant, accurate, and helpful.
  • The site uses newer technology and is easy to navigate.  This is vitally important for online visitors.  Frustration over tech or accessibility issues, can drive people away. We want people to be free from disappointment when they visit us online.  While we know a few small issues still remain, Dave is working hard with OSM to address these.

The importance of our online presence can hardly be overstated. It matters for us as a church family as well as for guests.  As a church we need to communicate up-to-date information so we can carry on effective ministry together.  For guests, our website is our virtual front door.  How we connect with them online is as important as how we connect with them on a Sunday morning.  Whether we are interacting with people live or online we show them whether or not we are interested in them.

We are actively seeking a Director of Social Media who will continue to monitor the site and act as a host to those who seek us out online.  Please pray that we can have the kind of online presence that honours God and shows our love for people.  –Pastor Tom

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