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January 23, 2022

A Power Stronger Than COVID

The curve balls COVID throws our way can be very discouraging.  That is why I have been so encouraged this week as I’ve witnessed the quiet, faithful efforts of many church members—proof that the Holy Spirit keeps working, even when our plans don’t.

Take for example the now famous (at least, in our church) ice rink project.  No one asked anyone to make an ice rink.  We’ve never had one before.  But a Maranatha member got it in her head that this would be fun for our church family.  She recruited a man who has put countless hours into preparing the ice and creating a Zamboni.  And this duo’s efforts are motivated simply by the desire to bring us joy.

I saw this same quiet faithfulness at work when two people took it upon themselves to bring comfort to a lonely Maranatha member.  I mentioned to them that this member was shut in, unable to receive visitors, and unable to visit anyone himself, since his mobility is limited.  They responded by organizing a small phone-calling militia.  The group will take turns phoning so that this gentleman will hear from someone in the Maranatha family each day of the week.

I witnessed a further example of this faithfulness in connection with the funeral of Angie Collier this week.  Angie has no relatives in Canada who could have helped plan her funeral; so, six Maranatha members decided to be her family.  They met with me to plan the service, organized flowers, and set up a display table in Angie’s memory.

Even the story of how Angie came to faith is an example of the faithfulness of one of our members.  He had been driving Angie to her cancer appointments.  On one of his trips, he sensed God moving him to tell Angie how much He loves her.  He did, and his words started a process that resulted in Angie falling deeply in love with Jesus and finding a home at Maranatha Church.

I know there are many, many more examples of quiet faithfulness going on in the church that I don’t even know about, because the nature of quiet faithfulness is not to draw attention to itself.  However, I hope these few stories help us to realize the power each of us has to make a big difference in the church by doing “small things with great love”.  I believe this is how God will show us that that His power at work in us is stronger than COVID.

— Pastor Tom

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