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January 30, 2022

A Spotlight on Worship

I wish you could be at one of our weekly staff meetings when staff members are sharing what is happening in their ministry areas. At these meetings I see their passion for God and their love for the church on full display. Today, I want to shed the spotlight on just one of our staff members so you can experience a little of the excitement I feel week by week when we meet.

Adam Stickland is our new Director of Worship Ministries. His heart and hopes for his ministry are captured well in a poster that hangs in his office. The poster, which he developed with the worship teams a year ago, contains a center circle that asks and answers the question: “What is God seeking in worship?” Around this circle are four quadrants that describe what worship is, why we do it, what effective worship leading requires, and how worship leaders can partner with God in their efforts.

The poster reflects Adam’s heart. He has a strong conviction that God should be central in all we do, that He is worthy of our best efforts, that He is able to work powerfully in our midst, and that He will show Himself to those who walk in trusting obedience.

Adam has worked hard, along with our Director of Prayer Ministries Deborah Morgante, to deepen the worship teams’ experience of prayer and community. Our band members have been organized into small groups that meet once per month for fellowship and prayer, and then once per month to practice for Sunday worship. The teams are joined by two intercessors on their fellowship evenings. Then, those same intercessors come to church to pray for that team on the morning they lead worship.

When I asked Adam about his hopes for worship, he said that he wants God to meet each person from Sunday to Sunday in powerful and sometimes surprising ways. He wants the congregation to leave united in heart knowing that they have met the Living God.

I am inspired by Adam’s passion and commitment and by that of the other staff members. I hope you are encouraged that our passionate and gifted staff are excited to serve God along with you. -Pastor Tom


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