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January 8, 2023

There’s Power in our Worship

Our worship is powerful. Have you thought about that lately? What happens when we lift our voices in praise and adoration? Have you considered the glorious exchange that occurs when we set our hearts and spirits heavenward as a united congregation?

So much happens when we praise Him. Our worship is for and unto the LORD; everything we do in the place of worship first and foremost is to magnify and adore Him. That would be enough, if all that happened in our worship was the LORD receiving the glory due Him. That would be more than enough; but the fruit of worship doesn’t end there.

We are changed as we testify of the Lord through song: His goodness, His Word, His Spirit in us, His exploits, and all that He is. Worship reminds us who we are in the Light of Him, it allows His Word to penetrate our being as we sing hymns and spiritual songs.

This lyric comes to mind: “Sometimes you gotta sing your way into the truth.” Singing out praise aligns us with the truth of Who God is and centers us in Him. Worship gives us a potent tool for meditating and considering Jesus and His Gospel.

We are privileged to have a faithful team of worshippers at our church, who serve to lead us in corporate worship. Worship is central to who we are at Maranatha. I have witnessed hunger for worship grow among us this past year and have loved seeing worship nights become part of our church life. God is working in His praising people.

As we move into this new year let’s allow praise and worship to be the mighty means that God intends for our transformation. As we give ourselves to His worship, may Christ be formed in us, may we come to know Him more deeply, and may we attest to His greatness widely!

 -Adam Stickland

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