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March 13, 2022

Reason for Praise and Reflection

So many good things are happening around Maranatha, it sometimes takes my breath away.  It is like the new life in springtime that pops up everywhere and yet promises better things to come.  This season of God’s favour is a reason for us to give praise, as well as a reason to pause and reflect.  Let me start by telling you some of the things I am praising God for.

Staff positions are being filled, just as described in the Join the Journey vision which we recently launched as a congregation.  We have just filled the 60% Director of Congregational Life and Mission position, and we anticipate having our half-time Social Media Director on board soon.  With respect to the full time “Director of Discipleship” position, the hiring team felt led to pursue an ordained Pastor for this position, who could be mentored into our Lead Pastor when I retire. Although it’s early in the process, we sense the Lord’s favour in this as well!  Weekly staff meetings consist of discussions about amazing and creative ideas. 

Ministry is happening everywhere.  The photo-directory team is collecting names and pictures, seeking to connect us all through an innovative online platform.  The men’s ministry is gathering in large and small group settings--they had over 40 men in attendance at their last breakfast.  The women’s ministry has morning and evening gatherings where women are regularly connecting and finding encouragement, and they have plans underway for special events.  With several people having recently joined the Pastoral Care Team, we hope to include more members of the community into the warm embrace of the church’s care.  Our Marriage Ministry Team is offering a seminar called “How We Love” aimed at helping married couples take their relationship to the next level.

I could mention many, many more things, but we need to stop and ask:  Why are we doing this and where is it leading?

Our “why,” in a word, is Jesus.  As our mission statement says, the goal of all we do, is “to know Christ deeply, and to share Him widely.”  Our activity must always be aimed at leading us to a deeper awareness of Him and to bringing others into that awareness.  We must never let our activity lead us away from our center.

Where is this all heading?  Hopefully, it is all leading us to be the balm the world needs now.  The church is the hope of the world, and, more than ever, the world needs us to be the church God created us to be.   –Pastor Tom


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