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March 6, 2022

Extending a Warm Welcome at Maranatha

At Maranatha, we deeply desire to reach those living far from God and to embrace them into a warm and welcoming environment. We want to help them gain a sense of belonging and to discover how they can become fully involved in the life of the church.  That is why we have hired Sarita Van Dyke as our new (60%) Director of Congregational Life and Mission. 

In her new role, Sarita will oversee the welcoming process from start to finish.  She will create events to which we can invite our unchurched friends.  When a person visits she will ensure that they have a positive guest experience, and that they learn how to become more fully involved. 

Sarita will oversee the front door ministry, create welcome materials for guests, and organize sessions where guests can learn about Maranatha.  She will also oversee Maranatha’s virtual guest experience.  Our Social Media Director (when that person is in place) will report to her, because we see our online presence as an extension of our welcoming ministry.

Sarita wants us, as a church, to feel like the family we are, and she is full of creative ideas.  For example, she has a vision for a foyer and Fellowship Hall filled with people of all ages after church.  She envisions spaces where children, teens, and young adults can find and enjoy their own age group, but also spaces where we can connect and interact together across the generations.

Sarita can’t spread the warmth of Maranatha all alone.  We all must play our part.  God has historically spread the Good News and built up the body through ordinary people who have shared Christ’s love and Good News with family, friends, and neighbours.

Many years ago, Maranatha members wrote, on the joists and floorboards of our auditorium, the names of hundreds of loved ones who were living far from God.  The names were inscribed as prayers that these people would come to know Christ. 

I am sure some of the people named have found the Saviour in answer to those prayers.  I am sure that many still have not.  I am sure also that there are many people we have yet to meet whose names we would want to inscribe on those joists, people whom Jesus is calling to Himself.  Our warmth and welcome can be the bridge for many to find the Faith and the Faith family. — Pastor Tom


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