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May 8, 2022

Moving on Membership

During COVID a lot of things got put on hold.  Among those things was Maranatha’s membership class.  That means that, for years we were not welcoming new members to the church or witnessing Professions of Faith or baptisms.  I’m happy to announce that that has changed!  Our youth and young adult leaders are preparing a class for their age groups, and I am working with Sarita, our Director of Congregational Life and Mission, to create an adult new members’ class.

Why does membership matter?  Many sincere Christians choose not to join the churches they attend.  Some, who are among our most faithful attendees and servers at Maranatha, have made this choice.  It may even describe you.  So, is membership really that important?  I think it is. Let me tell you why.

To me, first and foremost, membership signifies commitment.   When we join a church, we are saying to God and to one another: “I am committed. I will be there during the good times and the hard times.”  In our commitment-avoidant age, this kind of public step can seem scary, but it is a proven ingredient for deep and enduring relationships.

There are also practical reasons for becoming a member.  At Maranatha, one cannot be elected to the offices of Elder or Deacon, or vote on congregational matters, without being a member. These are vital functions in our church’s life, and we need every gifted and godly person in our community to be able to influence our church’s future in these ways.

So, the logic of membership boils down to this:  membership says, “I’m committed.”  Commitment is required for one to take part in making the decisions that shape the church’s future.  The church works best when we are all committed and able to fully participate.

Someone came to me recently who has been patiently waiting for COVID protocols to loosen so he can take the membership class.  He asked if we would be offering the class soon, and I was delighted to be able say “yes!  Another women who had to put her membership on hold will soon make Profession of Faith and have her children baptized.

Whether you have been in the church community for a short time or a long time, if you know you are committed to Maranatha, maybe it is time for you to become a member.  See this week’s bulletin for details about the upcoming Explore Maranatha course.  --Pastor Tom.


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