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November 6th, 2022

Next Gen Leadership

It has always amazed me how God gives people as ordinary as you or I the keys to His Kingdom (Matt. 16:19). Handing over keys can be such a difficult thing, and yet it is natural to the cycle of humanity. Children grow up and they expect to grow into real responsibility.

Here at Maranatha, God is moving many of our youth and young adults into positions of responsibility. They want the keys!

There is rarely a day I don’t see one of our young female volunteers shadowing and working with our Director of Children’s Ministry, Shelley Schamehorn, as they plan for the next impactful children or youth event.

Megan Gray approached Shelley one day and mentioned that she has the desire and the time to use her gifts in support of our children’s ministry. Now, 2-3 times a week she dedicates large blocks of time to graphic design and Kids Up preparation and participation. She is very dedicated and passionate about supporting and equipping children, youth, and young adults in our church, especially challenging and supporting them on issues surrounding mental health.

Sarah Naser is our international volunteer from Germany. Every year her home church supports and encourages young people to spend some time volunteering abroad. She told me, “All my friends left, so it wasn’t that hard to go.” She works with Youth for Christ four days a week and works at Maranatha on Friday afternoons. Among other things, she helps lead Huddle Groups at Loyalist College and assists Shelley in preparation for Jr. High. She then volunteers in the evening at either Jr. or Sr. Youth.

Jaylene and Rheanna Engelsdorfer, and Caitlyn Thistle also assist Shelley, who testifies that she, “prayed to God for help and boy did He answer!”

These are simply a few examples of a larger trend. Here at Maranatha God is putting the keys of His kingdom into the hands of Next Gen Leaders. And we couldn’t be more excited!

- Pastor Mike

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