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September 11, 2022

 We Are Kicking off a New Year

New beginnings are very exciting—whether a new birth, a new friendship, a new opportunity, or a new adventure.  I am feeling that excitement today as we start a new church year together.  

Everywhere I turn I find reason for hope.  The staff is percolating with new ideas, ministry leaders are buzzing with start-of-the-year plans.  Even our local inter-church network, Belleville Christian Ministries, is experiencing new enthusiasm as a result of renewed interest and vision.   All the people I’ve been speaking to lately seem to be full of confidence that the sky's the limit when God is leading the way.

In future weeks, I’ll be describing specific ways I see God at work in our church, but let me just mention a few now:  Our staff complement is full, our Pastor of Discipleship is on board and being installed today (!), I am surrounded by people who love Jesus passionately, and church members and staff have shared with me dreams for ministry so big they have left me humbled and full of wonder.  I am constantly asking myself what God could be up to and how I got the privilege of being part of it all.

As a church we have a vision document called Join the Journey.  We call it that because we regard ourselves as traveling together through life toward the future Jesus promised us.  We are walking and working side by side.  I look forward to venturing forth with you into a new leg of the journey this year.  --Pastor Tom


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