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Sunday Support

Sundays are a very busy, and exciting day here at Maranatha! There is nothing quite like coming together to worship the Lord as one. We offer plenty of outreach on Sunday mornings and like to engage with each other over coffee and fellowship.


Various teams of greeters and ushers greet people with warm smiles as they walk into church each week. They hand out bulletins and manage the information desk where people sign up for activities or give their tithes. They encourage newcomers to fill out a Welcome/Connect Card. 

Looking for: People who like making others feel welcome, enjoy managing a desk and helping people with a smile.

Approximate Time Commitment: every 4 weeks, arriving at 9:15 am and staying until people leave (around 11:30 am).

Hospitality/Welcome Team:

The Hospitality team is responsible for collecting the Welcome/Connect Cards and handing out “Welcome packages” to newcomers. They help introduce visitors to members of the congregations in their age/interest demographic and offer a small tour of the church.

Looking for: People with a heart of hospitality who enjoy meeting and connecting new people.

Approximate Time Commitment: 9:30am-11:30am every 6-8 weeks


Coffee/Cafe Team: 

Are the wonderful individuals responsible for setting up, taking down and cleaning up after service Cafe time.

Looking for: People willing to join the teams that operate in both the fellowship and the Cafe/Youth Hall. Members of this team love to connect with others and enjoy serving their church community. 

Approximate Time Commitment: 3 hours on rotation every 8 weeks. 9:15am-12:15pm.


Baking Team:

The baking team is responsible for the delicious treats provided to the congregation during after-service coffee time. 

Looking for: Individuals who love to bake. Can bake at the church kitchen or at home with recipes provided. All recipes will include a “Gluten Free/Vegan” version.

Approximate Time Commitment: 2-3 hours once a month.


Medical Team:

People to be part of a Medical Team who will all be trained in CPR and AED use. Will also assist with General Health Policies and update the First Aid Kits.

Looking for: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, or other Health Care Professionals with experience in the medical field. 

Approximate Time Commitment: 2 hours every 2-3 months.

Section Leaders (formerly Section Pastors):

Members of Maranatha who keep connected with people in the section where they sit in the church. They stay connected with those they know on Sundays and look for newcomers, encouraging them to sign a Connect Card and receive a Welcome Package. Any prayer or pastoral needs of people in their section will be communicated to the Director of Congregational Life for follow up. 

Looking for: Long-standing members who are familiar with Section Pastoring or have a heart for hospitality.

Approximate Time Commitment: Every second Sunday.

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