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God Moving At Maranatha


December 11, 2022


It was the most exclusive ticket in town last Monday night. Friendship hosted their annual Christmas pageant in the chapel at Maranatha.

Due to technological challenges with a hybrid in person and online friendship format this year, it was decided that the chapel would provide the best venue for controlling the online and in person sound. And boy, were our sound and camera volunteers hopping as mics were exchanged and changed, and Zoom participants were muted and unmuted and spotlighted.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year for our Friends. And with a special invite to attend this year, it moved me to see how God was moving throughout the pageant encouraging new participation and delight in the story of the birth of Jesus.

Only 2 family or friends were permitted per Friend this year, because there was no room in the inn! The event was recorded, and will be made available through our website, but since I know so many wanted to and wished they could attend, let me spotlight some highlights:

· The Angel Gabriel, Tony, joined via Zoom. With a white backdrop, white robe, and a gold, tinsel halo. It really felt like he was breaking into the scene from heaven. He had to be unmuted to speak, and it seemed at times as if God was only allowing His special messenger to say a fraction of what he wanted to say. Which is exactly how I read the Christmas story too!

· The Shepherds kept noting how cute baby Jesus was and were pretty eager to get the word out.

· Bill gave God a very enthusiastic drum solo upon the birth of the king. The rum, pum, pum, pums went on a good long while. At one point he had the whole crowd clapping in unison as he tapped on his sticks which wound him back up just as it appeared he was winding down. Bells and duets, and even a lap harp solo by Charles also added to a very lyrical pageant.

· Kevin gave the blessing in one breath, impressing me with how matter of fact God blesses us as well as his lung capacity.

– Pastor Mike

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